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Comprehensive Roof Repairs in Dartford, Kent

G Brodie & Sons Roofing Services offer a wide variety of roofing styles for installation or repair in the Dartford, Kent, area. Whatever type of roof you have on your property it may  over the years need a repair or two to ensure it is safe, durable and weather-tight. No matter what the size of your roof repair, G Brodie & Sons Roofing services will get the job done with speed and skill.

Whether you need our Roofing experts to repair a fully damaged roof, or just a few roofing slates that have cracked or slipped, call us today to discuss your needs and we will visit your home, inspect your roof and offer a free, no obligation quote on all roof repairs.

Our Roofing experts have been providing Quality roof repairs in Dartford and the surrounding areas of Kent for over 30 years and our reputation precedes us.

An Individual Roof Repair Quotation

Over time your roof will inevitably suffer damage or degrade, whether due to old age or inclement weather. To restore the safety of your home, call upon G Brodie & Sons Roofing Services, in Dartford, Kent. Our roofers provide all manner of roof maintenance and repairs, using their advanced skills to complete a swift, but efficient, fix.

Whether your entire roof has been damaged, or a few slates have slipped, get in touch with us. We will arrange a time to visit your property, inspect the damage to the roof, and provision a free, no-obligation quote for the repairs.

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Covering All Aspects of Roof Repairs

Let the experts from G Brodie & Sons Roofing Services remove your old slate or tiles and replace them with a fresh set that gives your home a great new look. We bring a wide range of example tiles to your home, including:

• Repairs to Flat Roofing
• Guttering Repair Work
• Repairs to Slate and Tiled Roofs
• Chimney Maintenance
• Fixing Leaking Valleys

Resolving Tiling Issues

When the slates and tiles on your roof have worn down, cracked, or starting falling off, it is important to replace them to maintain a healthy roof and prevent them from posing a safety hazard. Our roofers will attend your property, remove the damaged slates or tiles, and fit new replacements, improving both the quality and appearance of your roof. A wide range of sample tiles will be brought to your home, allowing you to choose the best replacement. 

Contact us now, in Dartford, Kent, to find out more about our roof maintenance and repairs.